X-Ray Industrial Radiography

Expert NDT Source Radiography, X-Ray NDT, gamma ray & Radiographic inspections include Film or CDR Computed Digital Radiography with a Radioactive Source and Film or CR X-ray radiography.  Industrial radiography is commonly used for the detection of internal voids, flaws or cracks in aluminum, steel or other materials.  Electromagnetic radiation radiography is a common method used for the welder qualification process.

Level II 2 Training NDT Expert

We provide qualified and certified NDT Level II-III RT and SRT Radiographic Inspectors in accordance with NAS-410, SNT-TC-1A, ACCP or CP-189.  We can perform your radioscopy inspection, provide RT OJT or teach you how to provide the service for yourself.  Expert NDT NDT Advocates strive to bring success to you and your establishment.  Common codes for RT include ASTM E1742, ASTM E94, ASTM E192, ASTM E105, ASTM E446, ASTM E390 ASTM E-1648, ASTM E186, ASTM E280, ASTM E689, ASTM E1936, ASTM E505, and ASME Section V Article 2.

Our NDT Advocates can perform your NDT RT Radiographic inspections, create techniques, provide pre-audit support, perform vendor audits and surveillance, qualify NDT inspectors and establish your NDT program, including providing personnel augmentation and shift support during extreme workload conditions.

Our NDI Nondestructive Inspection X-ray facility is experienced at Aerospace and Rocket propulsion systems ducting.  We commonly perform X-ray testing and source radiography on castings, valve bodies, pumps, forged parts, control arms, breaks, generator parts, welds, impellers, lifting hardware, forks, ships, automobiles, structural steel, pipes, tubes, welder coupons, composite panels for water entrapment and crushed core, proper composite adhesive distribution, ceramics, cryogenic lines, environment control systems ducting, thermal anti ice ducting, exhaust ducts for APU’s, bleed air system ducting and aircraft skin spot weld verification.

When you call on Expert NDT you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Our Inspectors are properly Qualified & Certified Nondestructive, our instruments are calibrated, and the inspector is versed on using wire and standard plaque penetrameters and categorizing clusters and other voids per ASTM plates.  We can bring our own dark room and generators and set up anywhere.  So, if you need a radiography test for casting, radiography testing for welding, pipe, or coupon you can rely on us.

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